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Wholesale Canadian Diamond Information
    Stock number:   PM-1847
    Shape:   Round
    Carat weight:   2.2
    Color:   F
    Clarity:   VVS2
    Cut:   EX
    Certificate:   GIA
    Polish:   EX
    Symmetry:   EX
    Depth %:   60.2%
    Table %:   60.0%
    Fluorescence:   None
    Measurements:   8.42×8.46×5.08 mm

Wholesale Canadian Diamond comes with the following documents
Wholesale Canadian Diamond certificate of Canadian origin   Canadian Certificate of Origin
Wholesale Canadian Diamond grading report or diamond certificate   GIA (Gemological Institute Of American) Diamond Certificate
Wholesale Canadian Diamond comes with free overnight shipping   Free Overnight Shipping within the USA and Canada
Wholesale Canadian Diamond comes with a 15 day unconditional return policy   Diamond is direct from Cutting Plant and is non refundable
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Investment Profile

  •       Price:                     Precious Gem

  • Asset Class:          Precious Metals

          Strategy:                 Portfolio Stability