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We conduct business mostly in USA, thus all the rights and obligations derived from the contracts that we execute are overseen by the Federal and Each State Legal system.

All the assets that we offer have great potential for capitalization as we screen our opportunities and only capture the ones with solid economic fundamentals.

With the current international economic pressure under currencies parity, a vital part of our strategy is to actively manage our currency exposure.

With a local consultancy approach tailored to each client’s needs we help to make the process of Investing very simple, from anywhere in the world.

About 1791 Investments

 I would like to sincerely thank you for taking time to read about us.

We are a privately-held, full-service Investment Management Boutique. We specialize in delivering firms and individuals investment opportunities in 4 key areas. Real Estate, Global Financial Markets, Precious Metals & Gems and Private Capital.
We proudly serve hundreds of clients around the world from our 4 offices located in North and South America, Europe and Asia.  
Back in 2009 we started a company with a simple vision,
“ When objectives are aligned, value is created”.
We believe that the world presents an endless stream of opportunities and that they are not often framed in a Zero-Sum game setup. We also think that long term relationships matter a lot. That’s why we follow a simple 3 steps process:
1) Listen to your Needs,
2) Present you with a Proposal in line with your goals 
3) Keep our word.
We have experienced the fantastic thrill of diverse people coming together to fulfil a common objective. We also understand the value of experience and an impecable track record. That’s why we the have partnered with top players in each industry around the world to deliver the best service imaginable in each of our interactions. 
We not only want you to deal with us once, we aim to be in your speed dial for life.
 If you would like to hear more about us please contact me directly or any of my colleagues. We look forward to having you over for a cup of coffee!

Cesar Güercio, President and Co-Founder of 1791 Investments

Cesar Güercio holds a Licentiate degree in Economics from UCA and Post-Graduate Certificates from ITBA and Cornell University.

Before starting 1791, Cesar worked 15 years for key mayor players in Real Estate, Bank & Finance and Oil & Gas all over the world. He has co-author and publish papers on portfolio management and also delivered numerous Courses and Presentations on the subject.

Cesar was born in the Patagonia Argentina and is very passionate about the outdoors and snowboarding.