Aggressive Growth

  • Real Estate ( Leveraged Positions )
  • Cash
  • Fixed Income ( High Yield Notes )
  • Equity ( Stocks )
  • Equity ( Derivatives )
  • Alternatives


  • You are interested in capital growth and accumulating wealth more quickly relative to your investment timeframe.
  • You understand the cyclical nature of investments and accept that there will be a very high level of volatility in the value of your investments.
  • You are experienced in all major investment markets and have a very good understanding of the investment markets. You are aware of the factors that may affect investment performance in investment markets.
  • Your investment time horizon is for the long-term, 5 years or more.
  • When you think of the term risk, you think it means ‘thrill’.
  • When you make a financial decision, you always focus on the possible gains.
  • You can accept very high levels of variability in investment returns, as you understand that the higher the risks associated with investments, potentially the higher level of returns expected.

Investment strategy and timeframe

  • Historically, probability of a negative return in any one year is 25%.
  • Recommended investment timeframe is 5 years plus.
  • Investment returns over the long-term aim to be Inflation plus 5% or more pa.
  • This investment portfolio is made up of around 5% defensive assets and 95% growth assets.
Liquid 75 Pct.