• Real Estate
  • Cash
  • Fixed Income ( Bonds, Notes )
  • Equity ( Stocks )


  • You wish to adopt a diversified portfolio to somewhat protect you from inflation and tax.
  • You have a reasonable understanding of the investment markets and their operation.
  • When you think of the term risk, you think it means ‘possibilities’.
  • When you make a financial decision, you are more focussed on the possible gains, but also keep in mind the possible losses.
  • You can accept that there will be some level of volatility in the value of your investments.
  • You are a moderate risk taker and can accept some moderate levels of investment risk.

Investment strategy and timeframe

  • Historically, the probability of a negative return in any one year is 22%.
  • Recommended investment timeframe is from 3 to 5 years.
  • Investment returns over the long-term aim to be Inflation plus 3-4% pa.
  • This investment portfolio is made up of around 60% defensive assets and 40% growth assets.
Liquid 70 Pct.