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Personalized Professional Approach

* Direct relationship with experienced specialists in areas like fixed income, global investing, charitable giving, and tax, trust, and estate planning.

* Your dedicated Financial Consultant can collaborate with you to build a relationship defined by your goals, preferences, and active involvement.

Portfolio Scope

* Diversification on Asset classes, Markets, Geography and Instruments.

Unique Objectives Strategies

* Holistic financial plan with specific investment recommendations and a clear explanation of the benefits and risks.

* Establish a thorough financial plan that reflects a disciplined approach to investing, including risk and return analysis, inflation expectations, “what if” scenarios, and careful asset allocation based on your situation.


Why 1791 Investments ?

We can help you prioritize which goals matter most to you. Whether that’s transitioning to the next generation, customizing financial strategies that help you pursue desired outcomes, or simply providing advice and guidance to help you stay informed.

We understand the importance of a lasting relationship.

Working with a 1791 Financial Advisor

Life is always changing and growing more complex. Your needs and priorities specific to your family, work, health and home are continuously evolving. All of this impacts your financial life and the decisions you need to make. And since your finances are so deeply connected with the rest of your life, you deserve strategies and solutions that are specific to your unique needs and goals.

An advisor can help. This is someone who, first and foremost, can meet with you regularly and take the time to understand who you are, what you hope to achieve, and what keeps you up at night. Your advisor can then put his or her financial experience to work, sorting through those complexities and offering financial insights and strategies to help you manage your financial life and move confidently towards your goals.

What you can expect from 1791 advisors:

Transparency to fees, risks and outcomes

  • Confirmation of fees associated with each offering
  • Explanation of risks associated with each investment or strategy
  • Periodic reviews, revisiting the advice you’ve received, outcomes you’ve experienced and any recommended changes to the approach
  • Use of plain language


Advice customized for you with a disciplined wealth and investment process

  • Evaluation of your financial situation and help prioritizing what you hope to achieve
  • A clearly defined investment process
  • Regular monitoring of your progress and offering adjustments as your needs change
  • Tools and expertise that embody the best thinking of the firm


Responsible service personalized to your preferences

  • Explanation of all available services – whatever works best for you throughout the relationship
  • Keeping in touch the way you want —in person, by phone, online, or mobile
  • Tools to help you stay connected and monitor your financial picture
  • Timely responses to your questions or concerns and interactions


A team of advisors that understands your needs and goals

  • Trained and dedicated to understand your unique goals while helping you achieve them
  • It’s about a dialogue and ongoing narrative, not just an occasional conversation