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The PAMP Suisse 1 oz gold bar is one of the most popular gold bars purchased in the United States and throughout the world. Gold Investment Professionals and Gold Dealers alike prefer the 1 oz PAMP Suisse gold bars to lesser known brands due to the reputation and beauty of PAMP Suisse gold products.

Wire / Check

Qty 1-2 Price $ 1254.40
3-9 $ 1251.40
10-24 $ 1249.40
25+ $ 1245.40

Credit Card

Qty 1-2 Price $ 1304.58
3-9 $ 1301.46
10-24 $ 1299.38
25+ $ 1295.22
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The PAMP Suisse 1 oz gold bar is one of the most popular gold bars purchased in the United States and throughout the world. Gold Investment Professionals and Gold Dealers alike prefer the 1 oz PAMP Suisse gold bars to lesser known brands due to the reputation and beauty of PAMP Suisse gold products. Accredited as Good Delivery by the Swiss National Bank and the London Bullion Market Association, PAMP (Produits Artistiques de Mtaux Prcieux) 24-Karat gold bars contain a purity of 99.99% and have been traded on world investment markets since 1979. PAMP Suisse gold bars are made in many different sizes ranging from 1g to 1 kilo and feature Lady Fortuna, the ancient Roman Goddess on the Obverse side of the gold bar. It is the first artistic design ever to decorate precious metals bars. Pamp Suisse 1oz gold bar The Pamp Suisse 1 oz gold bar comes sealed in a plastic assay certificate that assures the bars authenticity to gold buyers. Newer bars carry the Veriscan authentication holder so buyers can check their gold bar against the Pamp Suisse database for authenticity. The Veriscan process is centered around the microscopic pattern that can not be seen with the naked eye but exists like a finger print on the surface of every gold bar. PAMP Suisse gold bars are each scanned with a high resolution scanner during the production process and the image is stored on a central database at PAMP Suisse. If an individual can acquire a high resolution scan of their 1 oz PAMP Suisse gold bar (details can be found on the PAMP Suisse website for Veriscan) and using a free app can authenticate that their PAMP gold bar is authentic. PAMP Suisse 1 oz gold bars are 999.9 pure, meaning that their purity is guaranteed to be at least 999.9/1000 pure. The reverse side of the 1 oz PAMP gold bar has the PAMP logo, the weight, the purity, and a serial number. The 1 oz Pamp Suisse gold bar is IRA eligible and is one of the most purchased and recognized gold bars in the world. If you are looking to buy a 1 oz gold PAMP Suisse bar, Pacific Precious Metals can help you with whatever quantity you wish to purchase.